Kinis and Cocktails

You know you’ve thought it, at least once, at least briefly.  I mean, your cover up matches your kini matches your slippers matches your jewelry. Maybe even a fresh pua in your hair. You’re that kind of girl. 

Or maybe you’re not.

Maybe you’re the girl who threw on your favorite and most comfortable kini and denim shorts. 

Either way, I thought it would be fun to pair up some of my favorite kinis from my fave brand right now with some of my favorite cocktails. #drinkresponsibly


Nothing says “Blue Hawaii” like this Acacia Swimwear Manhattan/Kandui set, pool side.
This girl is not afraid of a good buzz from a tall Long Island Iced Tea. Also not afraid to mix and match that Acacia.
We like you. Also, a little scared of you. (talking to the Fireball)
Both timeless and classy. A dirty martini pairs well with this Acacia Swimwear palm/storm Bronx.
Sweet on the surface. My kind of Sunday Brunch involves sipping a Kahlua Mudslide in this Acacia Swimwear Bordeaux in Puka print.
Virgin. Lava. Flow. Remember, KiniMama said you gotta have a DD. How cute is this poolside pairing? Not everyone is into that whole suns out, buns out thing.
That’s right people, there’s crochet on my kini, sue me. #scandal
Here’s our girl kicking back with a local brew on the beach in her denim shorts and killer kini.

I mean really, how inspired are you right now?  It’s five o’clock somewhere.  

All swimwear items available now at  Tell ’em KiniMama sent ya.

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