The Last Tote Bag You’ll Ever Buy

 Dear Alola,

You didn’t think it through when you made a tote bag that fills my every need. I might not ever buy another bag again. 

My Husband Thanks You!!



Ok gang, how many backpacks, beach bags and tote bags do you have in your closet? I can’t bear to share my number. But there’s a reason.  I mean, I have two children, and one man-child; I need the towel bag, the change-of-clothes bag, the toy-bag, the diaper-bag, and the all important sunscreen-and-crap bag. I need bags. So when I spotted this Alola Tote Bag, it caught my eye. It looks big, and functional, and cute.  And when you have an upcoming vacation you can justify just about any purchase, am I right?  

  So after hours of deciding, I settled on a style and hit  “Submit Order.”  And then she came in.


After using the bag for a couple weeks, here is my impression:


The Long Version:

This bag is well built, canvas and wide leather straps.  I got the gorgeous deep naxy with gold printed coconut trees.  This bag is sturdy, yet soft (Just like mamas).  The interior is an adorable gold and white stripe print.  

Any one else here a stripe lover? 

Also on the inside: Two big pockets; one with a zipper. Top tote zipper keeps all your crap secure.

Every stripe lovers fantasy.
Like I said, it was my “vacation tote” and I was able to pack 5 days worth of clothes and kinis… Which for a woman is actually 10 days worth of clothes and kinis.  It qualifies as a carry-on, so you save $30.00–you’re welcome!

After arriving at the resort, my wardrobe was distributed into the drawers and closet, and my tote bag became our official vacation carry all.  Pool.  Zoo. Touristing. Shopping. Cruising. 

 At most, I had 4 towels, a giant-ass-puddle-jumper, goggles, change of clothes, water bottles, sippy cups, Go-Pro, Alola clutch, wallet, iPhones, sunscreen, toys, diapers, wipes, and whatever else crap I threw in there. 

  The wide, soft straps made for a comfortable carry, and at no point did I find myself trying to pawn the bag off on the hubby to carry. After a week of vacation, the bag is still top shape, despite getting a beating.  I swear the straps get softer with each use.  It is now my work/workout bag and I’m feeling like the belle of the ball. 

Did I mention the super sassy matching tote bag?  

I highly recommend adding this tote bag to your collection. I can assure you it won’t be collecting dust in your closet, and you may never need to buy another bag again.  (Don’t worry chronic shoppers, we will find a way!)

Psst: got it at; tell em KiniMama sent you.

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