A Honey Named Safirah

“Happy girls are the prettiest.”

-Audrey Hepburn

Through this amazing little thing called social media, I came across a stunning local beauty; a fellow kini-rocking-mama who also enjoys a day of adventure under the island sun. I love me an IG Account that doesn’t hold back:  snapshots of beaches, rivers, sea shells and smiles. And if you post pictures of hibiscus blossoms and rainbows… We just might be automatic besties.  So over the past year, I’ve grown quite fond of this wahine.

As with any IG Friend, you start to get to know them, their town, their family, their style. Her daughter, Safirah, also caught my eye. A natural beauty like mama, Safirah is the quintessential island child: sun-kissed, bare feet, salty hair; with a look of wonder and a twinkle of adventure in her eyes. Growing up with a respect for the land and a connection to the ocean.

Then I found out this sweetie pie just so happens to be an ACACIA Swimwear Honey model in the 2015 Tauhani collection and will be featured in the 2016 resort collection.  You may have also seen her featured by other brands such as Bitty Bambu, Velveteen and Frou Frou.  Well deserved.  I mean, what a doll.


Here at age 6, Safirah is stunning for Frou Frou, captured by the talented Monika Elena Photography 

So I reached out to mama to hook up an interview so that I could feature this Honey.   Safirah, and as expected, is so much more than a pretty face.

Here is our fun little Q&A:

Girl, whats your sign?


Kinimama’s Random Astrology Facts:

Leo’s are characterized by their humble appearance, next to a larger than life personality with a thirst for adventure.  They often have curly hair. 

How did you get your start in modeling?

When I was 4 my mom saw that Bitty Bambu was having a model search and sent my pics and I got picked! I was like 1 of 6 kids! I had a lot of fun at the photo shoot and wanted to do it again.


Age 4, Bitty Bambu debut. Captured by the fabulous Kristy Copperfield 
Acacia Swimwear is a pretty sweet gig, how did that happen?

Acacia posted on IG that they were looking for Honeys and all my Aunties tagged my mommy in the post and she sent pics in again and I was 1 of 3 chosen!

Tell me about your latest Acacia photo shoot. Looks like you went on a pretty big adventure.

We went to Hana!!! We drove into Hana the day before the shoot. My mom and I stopped at a lot of different places to swim, hike and explore.

Then we were the first ones to the house. It was a big house with a game room, a huge pool, it’s own golf course! Naomi and Lyndie of Acacia Swimwear brought food, drinks and gave us hydro-flasks!


PC: Acacia Swimwear
What is it like to do a photo shoot?

It is so much fun!!!! This recent photo shoot took like 3 hours and my mom gave me candy after every 5 looks. My mom carried me around from spot to spot because the rocks/sand hurt my feet at the Red Sand Beach.  I was spoiled that day like a princess.

What is your favorite Acacia Swimwear Honey style suit?

Jaws top and North Shore bottom.


Absolute perfect in her favorite Acacia Swimwear Jaws top and North Shore bottom. PC: Mama Roshelle
 What is your favorite Acacia Swimwear color and print?

I like animal print and palm color. 

Whats the best way to beat the heat?

Shave Ice and Beach.

Describe your perfect shave ice.

Melona and watermelon with snow cap from Ululani’s.


Pretty like rainbow shave ice, age 5 for Frou Frou; PC: Monika Elena Photography
And the best beach?

Launiopoko Beach because I can surf, shell hunt, swim and play in the pond!

Have you ever been to any other Hawaiian Island? Whats your favorite and why?

I like the Big Island because its big and beautiful and big!

Age 6, Velveteen Clothing, PC: Monika Elena Photography
What are some of your hobbies?

Surfing, shell hunting, riding my bike, doing cartwheels and the splits and going on adventures with my mom.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A volleyball player.

All sporty in that Acacia. Age 6. Photocred: the amazing Maui Maka Photography.

Who is your hero and why?

My mommy Roshelle because she does so much for me and loves me.

Safirah rocking her favorite palm colored Teahupo’o and Mama Roshelle killin’ it in her animal print Africa.
Gorgeous at age 6, for Velveteen. PC: Monika Elena Photography

You can check out more of Safirah on Acacia Swimwear‘s 2015 and 2016 campaign. Mama is @seashelle87, and inquiries can be sent to rbml87@yahoo.com.

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