I’m an IG girl. Its my go-to social media addiction.  Its like my gratitude-venting-showing off-nosey-bored-inspirationseeking-window  shopping-bitching-praising-outlet journal.  This takes up a lot of my time, but it’s an anxiety reducer, its created some positive connections for me and I enjoy it, so there’s that….  

Today for my first ever Mantra Monday, I created this:

So I log out of my personal IG and attempt to sign in to @KiniMama, so I can post this fabulous idea.  I mean, it’s Monday, I have a lot of shit to do, and I could benefit from a Mantra such as this.  SOANYWAYS… IG opens, glitches, and shuts down. About 20 times.  I log back in to my personal… It works just fine.  Attempting KiniMama again, nothing.  Being that its Mercury in Retrograde, this makes perfect sense. 

Long story short, (because I have shit to do), IG doesn’t want me to be KiniMama today.  I hope it decides to let me be KiniMama tomorrow (or maybe later today). But for now, I’ll just accept the message from the Universe, practice what I’m preaching and “Stop Scrolling & Start Doing.” You wanna try that with me?


For now.

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