Mantra Monday

In this modern world, we question everything.  As mortal humans, most of us live our lives in constant pursuit of “success,” whatever that means to us.  And in this pursuit we become keenly aware of how every choice we make has the potential to push us in a direction that gets us closer to who or what we want to be… or tailspin us into failure.

On big and small levels, we continue to question things, we don’t always commit.  Its such an icky feeling, this in-between, this space of doubt.

This weeks mantra is simply to trust yourself.  Make each step with confidence. Don’t fear the tailspin.  The tailspins often end with us pointing in a new direction we never quite considered.  And if it isn’t something we dig, trust yourself that you have what it takes to come out of it, improve, and keep going.

Yeah. Trust Yourself.

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