Some inspiration for your Hallows Eve get up this year.  Consider the lovely Amphirite, Goddess of the Sea.

 Neptune, who is also known as Poseidon, was the Greek God of the Seas and Earthquakes. He is brother to Jupiter (Zues) Ruler of the Sky and Pluto (Hades) Ruler of the Underworld. 

Neptune was known for his violent temper, depicted in temptest and earthquakes. One day he laid eyes on a water nyph named Amphitrite.

As he watched her dance, he fell desperately in love and immediately proposed marraige. Amphirite refused his proposal and fled to far parts of the ocean at the ends of the Earth.  

  She was later found by Neptune’s dolphin servant, who persuaded her to marry Neptune. As a reward, this dolphin was placed among the stars as the constellation Dephinus.

 Neptune and Amphitrite had several children, including Triton.  Amphitrite became the Goddess of the Sea, and is considered the female personification of the sea.  
 I’m feeling it, how bout you?


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