Kindness, Fucker

Is it just me or are there days when we wanna throw in the towel and say “fuck it all.”  But we don’t because we have kids and stuff who depend on us.  And if peeing alone isn’t an option, neither is giving up.

Sometimes when things disagree with me, I can be a sweet little passive aggressive mama bear; calm one minute and losing my shit the next.  But this solves nothing. It perpetuates negativity and anxiety and my bad moments fester into bad mornings and bad days.  And overeating and migraines and alcohol consumption and…

It’s not good for the kids and it’s not good for me.

TBH, (which, I’ve learned means: to be honest) I’ve found myself in the midst of some negative energy lately and the course of unhealthy consequences is in effect.  

The only reversal of this is to put into practice this week’s Mantra which is “Do everything with kindness you fucker.”  

It’s Monday, and I need this today and maybe you do too. So let’s be KIND and act out of kindness in everything we do.   And that includes being kind to ourselves.  This always sparks a sense of purpose and peace within ourselves and is certain to be one of those domino effects, but in a good way.

And just to be clear you don’t have to be someone’s doormat to be kind.  You can be a bitch in the nicest way possible. With kindness.


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