Simple Steps

This week’s KiniMama Mantra is all about simple steps towards positive changes. This is how I do things. I’ve never been one for big steps, for pushing too hard.  I’m not lazy, in fact the opposite, if I get too much into something it starts to consume me in an unhealthy way. Have you seen my bikini drawers?  


Life is about balance, really. Simple steps are not overwhelming. More importantly, simple steps are sustainable.  And that’s necessary for the whole healthy thing.  Who cares if you lost 16 lbs in water weight drinking lemonade and cayanne pepper for 10 days? You just fucked up your metabolism just a little more. 


I’m no nutritionist. I don’t even like nutrition. I like French Fries. And Mayonaise. But I like bikinis. And I like me. And my kids like me. So simple steps towards something better.  This week. Next week. And the next. 


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