How I go broke: ACACIA Swimwear Resort 2016

ACACIA Swimwear Resort 2016 line has been released and I for one am swooning.  Naomi & Lyndee have done it again with a line that is absolutely stunning.  With some help from the amazing photographer Olivia Malone and Models Carola Remer & little Honey Safirah.  

This seasons pallet consists of a comprehensive mix of classic nuetrals and  gorgeous deep darker colors that mirror the lush mistique of this year’s location, Hana and really capture the nature of it’s namesake, Hawai’i Nei. 

  Last years skimpy “lingerie meets swim” is back, this time bringing it’s friend, “I like a little more coverage on the boobs and buns.” In reviewing the repertoire of looks, they have really made a kini or two that suits everyone’s individual needs; a trifecta so to speak.  They’ve got the skimpy-skimps for the babes who either have really good genes or take good care of themselves; the femenine sporty style for people who actually move around in their kinis and the sexy yet classy yet functional femenine suits for your average woman.  

  I am loving to see much more moderate coverage bottoms such as the Waikoloa (a come back from last season, now in prints too!) Binghin (Like the Pikake but more coverage) Fiji (a high fashion new look) Duke (retro coverage), Nusa (looking La Riviera-esque) and Manoa (possibly my fave). This mama couldn’t be happier to see so many choices to wear while lugging the babes to the beach. and my husband is happy with a bit more coverage too.

   Have you noticed that halter tops are all the rage in swim these days? I love this look in general but its hard to find a lot of designers seem to go for high fashion futuristic look. Frankly it’s alienesque at times.  In their halter style creations, ACACIA Swimwear has created a very femenine and flattering cut.  Particularly stunning is the Malibu top, costing to the Panama top with it’s crochete middle strip. However, I feel this has a more flattering neckline and ample boobie coverage. My husbands favorite is probably the Dubai top. Absolutely no nip-slips. KiniMama guarantees it. I also love that the halter style tops dont tie at the neck. Anyone with a more than D-cup knows that bikinis that tie at the neck are a pain-in-the-neck, literally. The back straps are super feminine, functional and pretty. 

  We also see more sporty looks with the ACACIA X OLYMPIA Honu top; wide elastic braletete style straps. This look pairs with the ACACIA X OLYMPIA Hamptoms bottom, a cheeky cut with double wide elastic waistband. Im curious to know how this fits someone who isn’t exactly in the best shape, IE: muffin top and love handles, but I suppose time will tell. The Kanaio top is another sporty look that caught my eye, infact its sitting in my cart right now. It looks like a girl with some boobage can get some sexy coverage and support. A girl can hope?

  Definitely on my to-buy list is the Bronx suit’s sister, Kokomo full-piece. They’ve put some straps on the Bronx and tightened up the cleavage coverage. (My husband thanks you)

   And can we talk about these rash guards??? I might have to take up some kind of wanted sport just so I can justify purchasing this item.  I think its the cutest thing ever, especially in the lovely floral, “Aloha” print.

   While on the subject of Aloha. Lets all pay homage to the lovely ladies who have been bumping up aftermarket prices of the Vintage Aloha print for the past 3 years. Now you will truly never earn your $300 back in resale.

  And we’re back.  Regardless of the cult following, Aloha is just my style. I love a good floral and the dark background is GORG.  Be forewarned you will be have the bitch-stole-my-look moment on the beach in any Aloha kini, this is going to sell out fast and will be everywhere.  In the color department, the gorgeous jade “Seaweed” and the perfect pink “Sunrise” are my favorites.  I’m a girl with a ton of pink, peach and nuetral tone kinis, but this sunrise is to pretty to pass up.


The Honey line has expanded as well, more amazing pieces to adding the Krobokan, Kokomo, Ipanema, Mentawai, Dubai, Sunset, Ehukai…. I mean, I need a glass of water, this line is on fiyah!  Safirah did an amazing job representing the little Honeys of Hawaii.

Que the montage: 

But. What I am digging most out of the honey line is the Honey Kuau Pareo. What’s cuter tha a tiny pareo,really?

I’m predicting yet another successful season for the ladies down at Acacia. You can tell that they worked very hard to create suits to fit multiple body types and personal styles.  There are tons of mix & match possibilities and I’m gonna have some fun with this.

Edited: Just made my (first) order. Took all morning to narrow it down and choose.  Got it at my favorite local retailer The Lucky Honey

One thought on “How I go broke: ACACIA Swimwear Resort 2016

  1. Damn you! I waited, I held out, I didn’t look because I’m on a no spending money on me restriction…….we have bigger things to pay for right now. But I can’t do it, I have to go look and foam at the mouth and try my darndest to justify a purchase. 6 weeks in Maui next summer is justification, right?


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