I Am A Grown Ass Woman and I’ll do Whatever the Hell I Choose to Do

This week’s Monday Mantra is brought to you by my quiet/busy/reflective mood.  There has been a lot asked of me lately at work and home and all the in-betweens and I’m fairly spent, although, this only means that I’m crazy blessed. 

Add to that all of the “What in the World is going on in this World” going around. What does it all mean, if anything at all. What is important.  It’s a lot of pressure and heaviness. And I don’t have much time to appropriately address these thoughts.

So, as anyone who took a high school physics class can tell you “for every action there’s an equal opposite reaction.” 

Or something like that. 

So in response to all the demands of grown-up-ing, I develop a sense of self-servitude, and I start repeating to myself “I am a Grown Ass Woman and I’ll do whatever the hell I choose to do.” (*Which was inspired after I saw an epic Emily McDowell print) 

So I might be quiet while I’m doing whatever the hell I want. Which will likely involve a martini, hot bubble bath, and my smart phone. 

And I hope you are doing whatever the hell you want too. 

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