That one time you were reminded that everything in your life can be taken away in an instant. As temporary as life is, it’s so easy to forget and these reminders can be humbling and scary, whether it be a close call, a worldly problem or as was the case for me today, a very vivid nightmare. Your next breath is that of gratitude and grasping on to the wonderful things about your life. 

You gotta love the constant stream of gratitude in November.  Especially on social media, you will see friends announcing one thing a day that they are greatful for.  My favorite is the people who forgot to be greatful for 3 days straight and then make up for it with 3 in one day.  Or the people who bitch about Starbucks getting their drink wrong in one post and then greatful for all of God’s blessings in the next. 

Gratitude isn’t a switch you turn on or off. Gratitude is a low burning warmth, a soft glow, a gentle heat that we keep lit within our soul. Gratitude is a practice, a constant, like breathing. Well, not as frequent as breathing, but just as vital.

When you practice daily gratitude, things change. Your proverbial heart swells, your mind is light, and the people and things around you feel your love.

  And being grateful doesn’t mean you can’t be grumpy or upset or disappointed in Starbucks big fat failure to make your drink right.  But being grateful helps you to be aware of how trivial that shit is, and that there is a bigger picture to hang on to and be happy about.

I’ve been using an App, called “Gratitude!” for years now.

   It takes me about minutes before bed, and allows me to think about my that day in my life with a perspective of gratitude. You rate your day on a 5 star scale, add a picture and say a little something.     

After a couple weeks you look back and realize you have so much gratitude going on you don’t know what to do with it. You look back and realize you sure have an awful lot of 5 star days.

Of course, there’s always the good ole pen and paper method.  Or of breathing, living gratitude. 

Anyways, I’ll share some of my gratitude with you.  Have a safe and gracious Holiday! 


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