6 Months Deep

BOOM! I’m back! Breaking into the New Year and it’s been 6 months since I released my not-so-alter-ego KiniMama blog. 

  Cheers to six months of reading my shit! 


I mean, I took a two month hiatus to find myself (and do some Christmas shopping) so technically it’s been four months but whose counting? 

I have to say it’s the positive feedback I’ve recieved from those around me that keeps me going.  I was more nervous about having friends and acquaintances read my shit than perfect strangers, so it’s been refreshing to feel it be accepted and liked even.

It can feel so vulnerable to do blogging, especially when I put yourself out there with some raw and private feelings.  But knowing that I was able to inspire people as far away as the Middle East is so rewarding. 

It’s an interesting process though, by default blogging forces you to evaluate who you are and what you want/need to say.  Sometimes you write something just for the sake of having  something written, and I think it it takes away from the magic of it.  But it’s a learning curve and I’m gonna keep at it. That’s why I took a little break, to rethink things. Which is a little silly to admit, it’s like those couples who are in couples therapy 2 weeks after getting together (NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT) but I’m human just like all of you so we’re cool. 


Looking forward…  2016 New Years Resolutions:

1. Cuss Less / 2. Read More / 3. Write more

The latter two I studied in college because I fucking love it and it brings peace to my restless mind. So there should be more of me in the months to come. Bear with me while I continue to find my footing. 

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