Dear Mathis 

Dear Mathis: 

You are two. I deal with some hard people in my life. People the world has given up on because they are just that hard. But I have to say, my son, you can be much more difficult than anyone I’ve ever dealt with. Especially at bedtime. And brush teeth time. And clean up time. And time to go time. And basically any time you are hungry, or tired, or feeling feisty. It’s just the age, I know. But I want you to know that I love you through every single tantrum. That you are still that insanely comforting and wonderful sparkle in my life that you were from the moment I knew you were given to us by God. I know your personality will always be strong and ferocious, like the Leo you are, but I also know that you are a charming little lover with a big heart and the most contagious smile. And I’m so glad your mine.

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