KiniMama Committing

This is my before picture.

NEWSFLASH!! I’m not perfect.  I’m a busy bitch; the wife who does everything, working mama of two, blogger, beach babe… I eat when I’m anxious, bored or celebrating.  I have very very little time to actually devote my body to excersize.  I know, I know, I’m so whiney, right?  So like most women, I need a kick in the ass to get this shit going. 

Lately I’ve seen these social medial Weight Loss Challenges pop up about every week. Most of them are pay-to-play, where those who lose a set percentage of body weight split the pot.  Sometimes I think that to challenge myself might be the ticket to change.

But while I’ve been tempted to do this, or even hosting one at my work, I never did.  

For a few reasons.  While it looks motivating on the surface,  Just the word “Challenge” implies that some are bound to fail, the fact that there are winners, means that there are losers. How can you really be a loser if you started doing some form of positive self improvement in the first place?  And really, utilizing body weight as the primary measurement is a poor choice as well. It’s been well established that there are better methods to assess progress in weight loss (measurements, body fat caluclations, etc.)

This isn’t to say I won’t ever do a Challenge.  Knowing myself, I will find a way to host a Challenge where everyone wins.

But for now, I prefer a Commitment over a Challenge. Making a Commitment is already a form of winning. 

I like winning.

Commitment means long term, it means your invested, it means it’s going to fucking happen. 

So for the month of love, I am Committing to daily excersize. I am Committing to eating healthy, and we all know what that means. It’s not olives on your pizza.  I am Committing to recognizing emotional triggers for stress eating and working through them. 

I’m basically Committing to all the shit we should be doing anyways but don’t because we are busy bitches. And because I’m a busy bitch, I made a daily routine to fall back on. Takes about 20 minutes, the same amount of time dinner is in the oven. 

So this is me, Committing. I’ll check back in on February 29th to see how it went. 

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