I’m not a huge outdoorsie camping person.  A walk in the woods and sleeping under the stars sounds very appealing but the whole all day in the dirt no shower no couch no wifi thing makes for an uncomfortable mommy.  

I feel like this whole blog makes me look so bougie  but I’m keeping it real, okay? 

I’m a poolside service girl, a nice bubble bath after a trip to the beach girl. 

But I am a My Kids are My Universe Girl. I’m probably Captain of that.  So when my kid needs to spend all day in the woods for Cub Scouts, by golly, I’m gonna do it.  Because that’s a life experience they deserve, despite what kind of girl I am.

So today I did just that. All fucking day. In the woods. 

And it was alright. For me. I mean, I went home with mud on my ass and a nice sized puka in my Mama Bear shirt, but it was an adventure for sure.  An all day exploration of the wilderness, for my kids.  To my eldest, it was a fantastic day with friends, building forts and earning badges.  In my toddlers eyes, we hiked the equivalent of the pacific coast trail and conquered a mountain.  And they didn’t thank me.  But I feel fairly satisfied knowing I pulled that off. 


Anything for you, kiddo.
What happens in Bungalow One…
Huge fire pit – we didn’t make it to dark.
Three hours in the woods and suddenly Im a nature photographer.

And we found the perfect strider bike hill! 

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