Bringing Back The Village

It’s true that most of my friends and family are watching my children grow up from this tiny illuminated rectangle in their hands. In some ways this is a fascinating trend, that friends 3,000 miles away can know them and love them as if they were next door.  That I have a source I can go to after I’ve had a challenging day and people can say “Hey, Me too!!” And suddenly we don’t feel as alone and that all of our struggles are normal. In many many ways, this has become our Village.  You know, the one that it takes to raise a child.  

Because the people who are actually next door rarely visit or ask.    I’m probably the most guilty of this than anyone I know. We are so connected yet so isolated every single day. I’ve been trying though, to make myself more available in new relationships and old ones. 

These real life tangible connections are an essential part of raising my children. I need people who care about my kids, care about my marriage, care about me. Having people who know and admire my children is not enough, I need people my children know and look up to as well.  This part of my Village is a small and secure circle.  I value this part of my Village more than anything. 

But the truth is the that other part of my Village, the one I seek through my illuminated screen, keeps me human in the quiet solitude of motherhood.  When I need reassurance, it’s there.  When I need inspiration, it’s there. When I need people to care about, they are there.  I love watching the children of friends and acquaintances grow and thrive.  I’ve even made new friends out of strangers in this odd little Village of the online community and it’s broadened my heart, really. 

Through this now, I’ve come to find The Village Magazine, a quarterly magazine dedicated to creating this very Village in this very busy and new age of parenting.  This is what The Village is about.  Connecting, supporting, inspiring, caring, growing, learning, loving. 

 So honored to have been one of 21 mothers selected as a journalist for this quarters edition. If you have not spent a bubble bath’s time reading their content, you really should. 

Get excited, because I am! 

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