Dear Elias,What an incredible age you’re at. Independence. Self Awareness. New experiences. New progress. New Challenges. Sometimes I go too hard. Sometimes I let things slide that I shouldn’t. 

The biggest thing I’ve learned about this age is TRUST. I have to let go more and trust you with your choices and responsibilities, trusting you to know your value and worth, and make the most of it, to handle those things that come at you when I’m not around.   Trust works both ways and a mother’s greatest wish is that her children will trust her with all their worries and needs.  I know your growing away from this, as it goes with mothers and sons.  But may it always come back to love. Knowing that you’re loved and safe within our family and home.  That We are here for you. Always.  I hope you know that and see that a feel that. Trust in that. 

Things are spread fairly this right now.  And while you handle it a little better than me, I’m just barely hanging on for the ride sometimes and forget to show my pride in you.  So let me just say it. I. AM. SO. PROUD. OF. YOU.

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