Details & Deities


I love the peace the sea gives me;
as if I am made from the salt itself,
staring out into the sway of my true mother.

The ACACIA Swimwear Capetown full piece is probably the most feminine of all full piece styles that I’ve worn. The dainty braided straps are extra long, and splay out beautifully down the back, making for a short, flattering bodice. The geometric detail against the slim cut of over the chest creates a versatile fit that works for any bra size. Buttery fabric hugs nicely to curves and moves well while swimming or rolling around on the sand or sipping champagne or whatever glorious sunlit activity one does in a full piece suit. And then there’s the unmistakable cheeky, trendy Acacia booty.

Admittedly, I jumped on the Acacia train after this style was discontinued after 2013, but it was always one I admired.

The girlies at The Lucky Honey know a good thing when they see it.  They brought it back in an exclusive collaboration with the lovely ACACIA Swimwear ladies in July 2015 with the Mahina Capetown.  I scooped it up and it was instantly my favorite.  A couple of months ago they released the Classic Capetown, bringing a fun and
modern suit for stripe lovers everywhere.  And we can’t fail to mention their groundbreaking photo shoot that celebrated diverse womanly qualities and fishermen.

IMG_7321aAnd again, on Tuesday, July 19th, at 4pm Hawai’i time, The Lucky Honey will be releasing their third ACACIA Swimwear Exclusive Capetown, this time in the dreamy aqua toned colorway, Tidepool.
Tidepool is one of my favorite solids of 2016.  It’s a tan-inducing shade of baby blue that takes on a heavenly, icy hue when basking in light.  I had the honor and opportunity to capture this style and was instantly inspired.

TheIMG_7385a femininity of the Capetown, paired with beautiful Tidepool reminds me of the story of the Nereids in Greek mythology; the 50 goddesses of the sea who were thought to bring good luck and bounty to seafarers.  The Nereids were celebrated as the individual representations of parts of the sea; including sea foam, sand and tides.  They were represented as insanely beautiful, sometimes in the form of a mermaid.

How fun to imagine yourself as one of these sea nymphs; beautiful and mysterious in the natural element by the sea.  Just like the Nereids, the Tipepool Capetown blends divinely with the golden sunlight, shimmering blue waters and deep azure skies of the shoreline.  It’s hard not to look and feel ethereal and winsome in this suit.

Tidepool Capetown launches at 4:00 p.m. Hawai’i time at; set your alarm and get excited!


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