Plot Twist (Part Two)

2 days post surgery.  Just a warning, this blog is not for everyone and kinda TMI and cringe-worthy.

As I shared in Part One, I went in for a Uterine Ablation and Laparoscopy and was really expecting no findings except that I am a big ole wimp.

I went in for two procedural steps and came out with four new scars.

Let me explain it as I understand it.

So they go in to find numerous adhesions, which I believe are defined as scars/scar tissue, connecting my omentum to my abdominal wall and the round ligaments of my uterus.  The momentum is a curtain of fat that covers your stomach and intestines and moves around often to protect different parts of your belly.  However, my omentum was stuck.  So, much to my horror, it was explained to me that my adhesions had to be cleaned up and basically ripped apart which I cannot even type without gagging.  The doctor said she had never seen that much scar tissue from just one surgery, which would be my tubal ligation (tubes tied) in 2013.

Then, as they look further, they see my right fallopian tube had started to repair itself from my tubal ligation.  It was literally growing together!  I could have been one of those women who got pregnant after a tubal ligation! But even worse it put me at a greater risk for ectopic pregnancy, a very dangerous risk.  So, the tube had to go, and they surgically removed it.

The next thing they looked at was my left fallopian tube, which the doctor said still had a stitch in it from the ligation 3 years ago.   These stitches are supposed to dissolve after 2 weeks but mine was just sitting pretty!  And so, the left tube had to go as well with its friend and it was also surgically removed.

You guys!  

My stubborn tubes! 

They just didn’t want to let go and move on, I suppose.  And it would seem they have so much in common with me.  Hanging on tight for dear life, years later, to ideas and purposes that no longer serve me, are no longer necessary.  Even the scar tissue situation is so extremely symbolic to me, big, ugly scars hidden but causing problems and pain. Time to clear them out!

The ablation itself went “perfectly” and compared to the pain of my incisions it is manageable.  My uterus is the quiet one for once.

But yes the incisions are woeful. And I had that miraculously agonizing shoulder pain yesterday that is caused by the gas trapped in your body from the Laparoscopy.  That has thankfully gone away as of today and I am sleeping a lot.  Im looking at missing more work than anticipated.  My children know something is up with mom and have been so understanding and somewhat gentle with me.
Oh but wait there’s more! As fate would have it my lovely husband broke his foot so we are literally the blind leading the blind right now.  The ultimate in sickness and in health.  Too funny.

My current mantra: “Its done. I am getting better and stronger every day.”

Part Three to come.


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