Sip & See

Earlier this week I was essentially wallowing in self-pity.  That was until I received a invite to The Lucky Honey X Free To Be Me Sip & See on Friday.  This involves a private shopping event with champagne and mingling with fellow bikini fanatics.   I have to say just the thought of this event really brought me out of my funk.   It gave me this mental goal of being top shape come Friday and it really helped with my mindset.  Sometimes the very best medicine comes in the form of a pretty dress, sparkly jewelry, mascara & grown up chatter. I had a fabulous time.  For some reason, no matter how many times you browse through a bikini rack or try on pearl jewelry, it just never gets old.

PS: The Lucky Honey is having a site-wide sale right-fucking-now! Go check it out! You can also check out Free To Be Me right here, here and here.

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