Beach walks are my thing.  Beach walks in the rain are my absolute favorite.  The gentle kiss of the a drizzle, the madness of wet hair against bare skin, the solitude on the beach–all to myself! Except for a Hawaiian Sea Turtle who was chillin’ at the sea shore. Most often these wet hours spent at the beach pair well with my mood and I leave feeling so incredibly at peace and awakened.

And I can’t write this post without mentioning how well my new Acacia Swimwear Cannons top in stunning Driftwood vibes with the mellow beach mood.  I even found a price of driftwood that matched impeccably. Also, it has to be said that the Cannons top is great for the bewbies.  The double straps work some kind of magic.  For large busted girls like myself, I tend to shy away from tie tops because they usually leave me bruised and with a headache.

Here I have paired it with Storm Bingin bottoms and my favorite of my husband’s cozy old flannel.

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