On Being Stuck

I’m learning to be stuck.

To simply live in whatever place I’ve found myself; where fate or my own missteps have placed me.  We all get stuck: in relationships, careers, mindsets; where thing after thing after thing goes wrong. Where hope seems elusive.  At times I get stuck fighting my stuck; knowing things are out of my hands but continuing to claw and shuffle and push my way out.  But I remain.  Stuck.  At some point I can only mange to toss my head back and let out a cry or a chuckle or breathe because thats the surrender.

I’m learning that stuck has a purpose.  That there’s a lesson or a message or a transition taking place; within me, around me.  Being stuck allows this change to occur.  I’m learning to have patience when I’m stuck, because I’ve come to know that stuck is a very temporary thing.  Just when I think that nothing will ever change, everything suddenly changes.

In some ways, being stuck is the closest I get to whatever higher power I hold in my heart.  Giving breath and trust to the fantastic design of my existence, I am able to be happy and untroubled in the most stubborn of moments.

Recognizing a transition is occurring can mean the difference between sane and insane, between peace and anxiety, between fighting imaginary battles in my mind and a good night’s sleep.

I’m learning to be still when I’m stuck and to simply wait; satisfied to observe the challenges and changes occurring around me.  It can be such an amusing and beautiful thing, to be stuck.

The above writings is inspired by The Village Magazine recent call for journalists, which I have had the pleasure of serving in the past.  Recently, I have acquired the role of Online Managing Editor at The Village Magazine, a fun little endeavor for me.  I encourage anyone seeking an inspired task to submit a writing centered on “Transition” to their call using #thevillagejournalist on instagram, 

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