The Lucky Honey Ehukai Exclusive 

I remember when Acacia Swimwear first featured the Ehukai I thought “ofcourse!”  It’s such a practical suit, amazing coverage uptop, a nice secure suit for the active mermaids out there, swimming, diving, surfing. 

For the 2015 Resort & Summer seasons, they had this style in prints and mesh.  I’ll be honest in saying I never even tried one on. I thought I wasn’t active enough.  That was until we took a staycation at a local resort.  Anyone who lives on Maui knows dem Acacais be coming out. I saw a few women & bones rocking the Ehukai poolside.  And while I reapplied sunscreen and got a little crispy by day 3, they were sitting pretty.  Stylish & sun protected. It wasn’t just for active gals, it was for every gal. 

And as the Bikini Queens they are, my girls at The Lucky Honey recognized the value of this amazing suit and brought it in solid storm, coming out today! 

When I had the chance to to shoot the suit, I was so excited!  I rocked it backwards, for a sexier look. Even then I feel this suit is modest and pretty.  

My pictorial shows a woman who is happiest right at the shoreline.  She may never understand the depths of the ocean, but she relishes the simple kiss of the sea.  The sand is her home and the sun her constant companion. 

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