We Bought a Truck

I’ve actually wanted a truck for awhile now:  years, actually.  The day I bought my beautiful, sexy mom-van, we had actually set out to purchase a truck.  Nothing fancy, four doors to fit our family comfortably, nice and high through the rain puddles, roaming the bumpy terrain, throwing all the beach shit in the back.  Is that too much for a girl to ask? My husband never thinks I ask for too much, so I really don’t need to justify my shopping decisions to anyone.

But that day we bought a van.  And it was an amazing, convenient, comfortable vehicle for those baby days.  Those stroller days, those 2 extra sets of clothes, gold fish crackers, pack of diapers in the trunk days.  We’ve morphed now, into a quite active family.  Sports can take up to 6 days a week, followed by family adventures, and countless beach days with just me and my mama-boys.  So it came time again to reconsider our family vehicle.

To tell you the truth, I’ve gone “truck shopping” many times in the past few years, and never came away with anything.  Why?  Not because of finances, or because it wasn’t right for us, but because Car SalesMEN don’t give me the time of day.  Every truck lot I’ve gone on, I am not even acknowledged.  Do they look at me and think I’m not serious or capable of buying a truck?  Are they intimidated by animal print?  Who knows, who cares, do they want to earn money or not?  I’m telling you, I would walk on the car lot, a motivated and frankly compulsive buyer, and its fucking crickets.  Every fucking time.

I can recall two instances in which I had even a little bit of interaction with a Car SalesMAN.  The first I practically had to run up to begging to be shown around; which he did, hurriedly, with no passion, no gusto, not even a gimmick.  And the second flat out told me to come back with my husband (Hey KarMart Maui, the 50s called they want their sexism back!)

What bullshit.  I wear the fucking pants when it comes to big family purchases.  I think this is more and more common with couples these days.  I know whats up with the budget, our credit score, what we need, what we want.  But all they see is someone who isn’t their target customer so I suppose as a result they don’t respect me enough to spend the time with me.

But guess fucking what?

And this is probably the part that i need to iterate that this is in no way a paid or prompted review, rather, my personal experience and appreciation for a positive car buying experience.

So back to the guess fucking what.  I found a really awesome salesperson–excuse me, SalesWoman.  Perhaps its because she can appreciate a woman who hustles in heels.  Perhaps she recognizes the necessity of meeting the needs of both mommy and daddy when when selling a family vehicle.  Not only was she totally helpful and engaging, but she was cool when we decided to walk away for a bit (months actually).  She didn’t stress me out with follow up calls every two days, and when there was a good deal, she let me know and it was finally on.  We bought a truck.

I guess what I want to say for all the sales people out there is that women buy trucks.  And its really your loss for being gross and naive to that.  A truck can be great family car when you live up a volcano on an island surrounded by tempting beaches, so give a girl a chance.

And in case you live on Maui and want to work with a fun and helpful SalesGal, check out Cherish at Maui Toyota.  Tell her KiniMama sent you.

And now here she is, my new baby.  I renamed the color from “Magnetic Charcoal” to “Tahitian Pearl” because she matches the color of my pearl bangles.



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