Creative Christmas Crossing

It’s like once October 1st hits, time just warps. The realization that we have to purchase our loved ones amazing gifts hits. “I’m not ready.” We all say. We didn’t save money like we said we would. We didn’t start buying gifts in July like we could have. Our minds aren’t in that gift buying mode yet. (YET!) We are already so busy with life, how can we possibilities fit in cooking for parties, hosting parties, attending parties, putting up trees, decorations, maintaining traditions, juggling kids school vacation schedules, etc. etc.

And on top of that, here in beautiful Maui, where it’s rainbows and bikinis year round, it can be hard to get into that holiday spirit when it’s 86 degrees out.  Really that only telltale for me is the full pieces get a little more love from November to March. 


The answer is we slow down. We slow down to take in the different colors, smells and feelings that the holidays bring. The red and green, the scent of pine, the music, invokes memories from childhood when Christmas was still exciting and full of wonder and possibility. 

Traditions force us to step away from from routine.

Today I attended a wreath making workshop at the first annual Karen’s Christmas Crossing, and this creative engagement really crossed me over into holiday mode.  

I arrived after getting stuck in holiday craft fair traffic: tense, rushed, worried I was late. I spent the first 30 minutes stressed that I was doing it wrong, slapping giant stems of pine ungracefully against the base.  I was all about the end game. I wanted a beautiful wreath. I wanted to say I did that. 

Thankfully I brought the prosecco and thankfully my friends who I’ve had for 20 years helped reign me in and showed me to take my time and that taking little steps goes farther than big ones, observe as I go; that there was no mistake that could be made because adjustments can always be made and anyways nature is uneven and perfect in that way. What a metaphor right? 

So it became a little ritual of sorts, each little stem symbol of care and adoration for the little wreath that was becoming. As much as I was still concerned about what went where, it was therapeutic and exciting. I was after all surrounded by pine and eucalyptus. 

In the end I loved how it came out and really enjoyed myself. Here are some pictures. By the way, knee high fuzzy Christmas socks are at target $5.00.

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