Shining in Self Love

Last night was simply a gem.  A glimmer. A sparkle.

It’s been pretty grey lately, both in the skies and in the business of the holidays. The joy of planning celebrations along with the daunting tasks of closing out a year at work have left most of us exhausted. 

But last night. What a gem. 

I’ve had the pleasure of attending Feast Hawaii a couple of times.  This is a periodic event put on by the amazing Amanda Robson.  Each Feast features a meal prepared by various Maui chefs, along with a theme. Lei Po’o, Bees Bees Wax Candles, Summer Soltice… it’s a great experience to learn something new celebrate, and engage in some mindful chatter with new people. 

Last night my favorite ladies at The Lucky Honey hosted an exclusive Feast at Lumeria Maui.  And it really brought it some much needed shine to my world.

The theme was Self-Love.  And it was certainly an act of Self-Love to simply step away from the pile of laundry and neglected Christmas  list, get dressed up and indulge in champagne and conversation and selfies. 

I have to say upon every face in attendance was a smile.  Pretty ladies and good vibes.  As we passed plates and broke bread together the atmosphere was as delightful as the floral details put in place.  

Together we made lei po’o, or flower crowns, and as Amanda instructed we set intentions into our craft.  And as it goes with women, bonds can be both made and strengthened when we share laughter over busy hands.  Chatter about children and weddings, struggles and dreams, fashion and futures, and often reminding each other how beautiful we all are.  

Every finished lei po’o was a little different, each unique, festive, and floral.  Although some playful competition emerged, it was all in good fun.

As if the night could get any better: s’mores! 
Beautiful faces lit by glowing flames, more laughter, more fun.  And as the crowd wound down to the final few, warm words and nothing but stars sparkled above. 

I think everyone went home feeling that glow. After you receive such an experience you can’t help but shine a little while.

Much thanks ladies, for that little celebration, and for fostering that much needed Self Love.  It was a night to remember. 

Photo from The Lucky Honey.

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