Just a Reminder

“If it comes let it, if it goes, let it.” {unk}

The same can be said for the wind, the tides, giant sticks floating across the ocean until they come to rest at the shore, as well as the sobriety and sanity of loved ones, good parking spots, stretch marks, cellulite, criticism, man buns, red lights, one day sales, phases of the moon, phases of your life, phases of your child’s life, instagram followers, parties you weren’t invited to, the waves you didn’t catch, the speech you practiced but never said, the dinner you made that no one ate, vog, fights with sisters, sunrises you slept through, sleep itself, the people you thought would be around forever.. also don’t forget the thrill of the risks you don’t want to take, the struggles that you know will change you… oh yes and change itself. 

Just a reminder only a portion of your life is in your control.  The rest of it. Just go with it. 

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