Strong and Soft – I Can Be

Let’s hear it for the feminine mistique! The capability to be both strong and soft or forbiddingly sensual, whatever we way chose and transform to be. To be edgy and elegant. To have the power to chose what and who we want to be and the ability to transform.

Here, again, is Nanea.

She embodies this idea that a woman, a girl, a lady, can be any define her own femeninity.

As a freshman, she swept up the MIL Wrestling Championship as well as the State Championship in her weight class.  Next month she will compete in the Girls National Championship in Oklahoma. But today, she serves as a gentle muse.

To celebrate her accomplishments, we did what any girl would do and went shopping at The Lucky Honey. Although everything she put on looked great on her, she came away with the Acacia Swimwear Cloud9 fullpeice in Clay mesh.  This suit expresses a sporty vibe with its edgy but elegant cut.  Sporty neckline and plunging arm holes, this suit is modern and versatile. Ever a lover of nuetrals, I adore this light shade here against the cement and rocks.

Straight off the podium and into paradise. Her body is strong and capable, as is her mind, but here we capture her softer side.

I should also mention that Nanea has grown into her amazing wrestling career with the aid of her older brother’s influence.  She has stepped out from his shadow and stands alone.  Kainalu also did incredibly this weekend, earning a Silver medal at States and our family could  not be prouder.  He does not particularly want an Acacia Swimsuit, nor does he particularly think his aunt is very cool, and thus, we celebrate the beautiful Nanea. 

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