Take Care of Your Selfie

Just so you know, I’m fatter in person.

So if you see me in real life, don’t be disappointed. I do not walk around with my booty popped, back arched and tumtum sucked in. I do not lean my head just so to extenuate my favorite angle of my face. Actually, no, I take that back, I actually do lean my head, like all day. It’s stuck like that or something… I’m a stomach sleeper… I need an adjustment.

Anyways.  My in-person-chubbiness is just proof positive of mastery selfie skills.  But what I’ve actually mastered, is an awareness of my own unique form and shape.  I’ve also acquired an appreciation of my own body, despite any perceivable flaws.  I have assets and I know how to use them.

It’s been requested of me, to write about “how to take a selfie” and I have to say this is the 5th time I’ve tried.  Selfie’s are quite controversial.  After all, a woman puts themselves out there in confident self-appreciation and suddenly she can be labelled as vain, self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic….slutty.  She is subject for ridicule. 

Something I’ve witnessed first hand, something I don’t care to give my energy to.

Because lets remember that we live in a world were women are brought up to basically hate everything about themselves. But I think it’s such a beautiful thing for a woman to know her body. Her angles. Her individual, amazing form. To appreciate it, to be amused by it, proud of it, comfortable with it. Seeing your body in a confident way influences how you carry yourself every day. A selfie, to me, represents that for me.  Loving yourself just enough to want to capture it.  Whether you wish to share it with the world depends on you.

So how do you take a proper selfie?

You spend some time getting to know your body.

Just an idea: instead of sitting in front of a mirror and taking mental notes of every visible flaw, stand before yourself with the intention of finding something to admire. Move your body slowly and observe how the slightest pop of the knee, pointed toe, dropped shoulder, and gentle placement of your hand can change your entire outline. It’s different for everyone.

Find yours.

You see that right there? Fall in love with it. Embrace it. Wrap it all up and tuck it in your psyche to bust out and put to the best use when you need a little confidence boost or when it’s selfie time.

Okay. Now it’s selfie time.

Unless you have a 7 year old you can bribe to take mommy’s picture, you’re going to need some props. And by props I mean something to prop your phone up and something to snap the picture. Sometimes for me it’s a stranded coconut on the beach and self-timer.

On fancy days I’ve invested in a phone tripod and blue tooth shutter. That’s right, for less than $25 you can be both the photographer and the model.

This tripod is super versatile. Simply placed on the floor, or sand, or rock, it can give you a great lower angle.  This is an actual photography trick to give a large degree of perspective. 

In fact, a photo from a standing height isn’t even recommended. Just food for thought. You can also use the tripod to secure your phone to higher object, like a tree branch, providing a dreamy perspective from above.

Here you see the difference between higher angle and a ground level angle

The most important thing you must do is relax. Anytime I feel tense or self-conscious, the entire sequence of photos will likely deleted. It is a fact that when you feel stupid you look stupid and when you feel confident you look radiant. Try to channel an attitude that makes you feel like the beautiful being you are. This is essential.

So now that you are all cozy and happy with yourself, it’s time to move around, have fun and try something new.  Look at the camera. Look away from the camera. Smile. Don’t smile.  Hair up. Hair down. Exaggerate your movements or simply sit there and be you, in the raw.

Direct  overhead sunlight is basically the worst photobomber ever.  Awful shadows, and a mean squint is possibly my biggest selfie pet peeve.  Try to find a little bit of shadow, and get the angle of the lens facing at you from the sunlight facing into the shadows, so you aren’t backlit.  We all know about the “golden hour” of flattering late afternoon lighting, but early morning lighting can offer a softness as well.  Overcast days are the best, but thats never in our hands is it?

Take many pictures.  You don’t need many pictures, but this goes back to that thing in front of the mirror in which you can observe the tiny changes that make a difference in your body shape.  Find what you like in yourself.

Once you have your 200 pictures to choose from (*wink*) scroll through and pick your 5 favorites. Maybe save one or two not-so-favorites. I find that down the road I look back on these and realize they were better than I thought and they often come to good use. This can be a really uplifting process.

Now it’s time to find you a fun photo editing app on your phone. I personally love “VSCO” which was suggested to me by a photographer friend. It’s easy to use and mimics what a computer based editing system can do.  And don’t just pick a filter, play with the exposure, contrast, etc.  Remember you are not just the model, you are the photographer, try to teach yourself a thing or two just for fun.

And theres your selfie!

You can do what you wish with this. These pictures can be used as personal empowerment, sent to your honey, or shared with the world. Add a motivational caption to it or just say “look at meeeeeee!” There’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

Have fun with it.




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