Flowers, Fruity Drinks & Retail Pleasure

It’s been a year since I attended my very first Feast Hawaii Event, which is put on by whimsical mama Amanda Robson.  Today’s festivities went down at Maui Tropical Plantation, a recently revamped tourist stop that now hosts a fine dining establishments with an impressive drink menu.  Perhaps one of these Feasts should be the one we all admit that we are just there for the drinks and we can explore that palette.

Today, however, was all about the Farm to Table cuisine, Lei Po’o Workshop and Pop-Up shopping via The Lucky Honey and Free to Be Me Jewelry.

Girls just want to have fun.  And time to themselves.  Space to create.  A reason to dress up.  Shopping with cocktails. New connections within the Community. A floral crown.  Amazing photo-ops.

Today definitely delivered.

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