I have so many awesome things going on right now where do I begin?

So I’ve been playing with succulents.  And by “playing” I mean watering them, talking to them and trying not to touch them too much and I’ll be damned I do believe I’ve finally kept plants alive.

I get it now.  This succulent thing.

I thought it was popular because they don’t die as easily as other houseplants.  But no. They do this thing where they sprout new life.  You leave your plants be for a couple of days and suddenly theres an itty bitty baby succulent smiling up at you. Like, randomly and purposefully.  For no reason at all and for every reason in the world. Its amazing and incredibly gratifying. That’s where it’s at.  This succulent thing.

This KiniMama blog is kinda like a succulent plant.  I peek at it every so often and do a little dance because its still alive! Actually, its grown to quite an impressive size, beyond anything I imagined, its been so much fun maintain and create these posts and connections.

And at the same time I have little baby blogs, like those bebe succulents.  Okay, not baby, but more like ginormous-pinch-me opportunities.

There are two projects in particular I’d love to share.

The Lucky Honey

My friends at The Lucky Honey asked me to create a space to celebrate amazing women and I was like FUCK YES!?  I’ve got to interview some pretty special people so far, and the possibilities are endless, really.  I’ve had some fan-girl moments and been totally inspired by each and every one of them.

I just love this project.  Dang its good to be a girl.

Acacia Swimwear

I mean, how do I talk about this without effusively going on and on? Nearly impossible. Its very obvious that my favorite brand right now forever comes in the form of buttery soft swimwear and casual wear for every occasion.  And Acacia Swimwear has always been so supportive of me and my body-positive message.  T

So I’m sooooOOOOSOOooooo excited to be doing some freelance work with Acacia Swimwear.  In this article up now, I got to gush about all the goodies and celebrate the retail thrill of Exclusives.

I’ve got a few possible projects sprouting roots as well. Some things beyond me and this glowing screen.  We’ll see if they take off.  Its just exciting and thrilling to be doing some new things and having a space to be creative and myself.

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