Disney Days

So you wanna hear about our time at Disney…

Walk. Eat. Wait. Repeat. And woven between that: Some motion sickness, hella strollers and impressive attention to intricate details. I’m obsessed with the landscaping. Obsessed. And the lighting. And the architecture. And the obvious fanatics with Disney tattoos and funky pins and buttons. Way too many over-priced light up toys (totally worth it). And ya’ll were right about the turkey legs. And the churros. And the cost of a bottle of water.

I will remember the moment Mathis met Mickey Mouse for the rest of my life. And the two thrill seekers. Bonding over insane rides and getting our monies worth and shutting the place down every night. While I walk. And eat. And observe. Lastly, family nap times were the yummiest. Every day. So so good.

If I had any advice for you it would be this: take pictures.  Lots and lots of them.  A family group shot, no two, no three. Or as many as they will participate in, which for my family is negative-zero.  Candid ones too. Of your kids, and their amazement.  And if I could go back I’d get a billion shots of all the tiny touches Disney put in there.   Thats where the magic is. Im convinced.

Regrets? Whats a dole whip? I still don’t know! Will I ever know? I regret nothing but this.

You know its funny when your living your moments, when your present in your vacation life, you just don’t know what bits and pieces you’ll remember forever until you are home again… I think theres a quote about that.  I remember this:  Standing with hands on a stroller, whimsical music coming from…somewhere, the hot LA sun setting after miles and miles of disney, standing in the shadow of the matterhorn, busy people milling around, and a woman with dozens of balloons in hand walks towards us, as if intentionally heading our way.  We purchase a balloon, and it was like everything was suddenly complete.  It was a moment of utmost satisfaction, knowing that we made this experience happen for our children and of course ourselves.


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