Crazy Crafty Cool

It was in my mid-20s where my long time friends and I were all getting hitched (not to eachother, ofcourse) and popping out kiddos.  It was just that time in life where ‘life’ really starts to happen.  Because of these fantastic events there were baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, first birthdays, second birthdays, third birthdays, on and on… it seemed endless at the time. So much to celebrate. So many parties.  

I hail from a very creative group of friends. Like ultra crafty, super enthusiastic and crazy fun. We’ve always fed off of each other’s ideas, building inspiration and support with planning and prepping Pinterest worthy parties–and this was way before Pinterest, by the way. 

Some of us were more extravagant and all out and some of us kept it simple in theme and budget. But thinking back, it was never about the show we were about to put on, but it was always about the bonding. Here we were facing our biggest moments and milestones in life and our closest friends were readily available to hold our hand through it.  Craft night, planning meetings, party prep… it was all just an excuse to gather and enjoy company with a purpose.

This is what women do, after all. 

So those years were definitely a time in my life that I look back on with deep gratitude.  

Fast forward to a decade later, most of us are all good and married/settled down, some are even divorced (that’s life) and the kiddos are at an age where sleepovers don’t require themes or craft nights.  The parties have died down.  I haven’t been invited to a wedding in years it seems. Baby showers are even more sparse. I was invited to a retirement party though, I guess that says something. 

So I was hella ecstatic to receive a bridal shower invite from Connie, a sweet young lady marrying her man, and cousin to one of my bestest friends, Ashley.  Both of these gals come from a long line of creative and talented women. A lineage really.  Ashleys mother, Aunty Karen, literally held her own Christmas Craft Fair and killed it. 

So from history alone, knowing that Queen of Craft, Menina Meriposa, had her hands in this shower I just knew this shower would have several extraordinary qualities and that includes fresh flowers, hand made decor, a balloon arch and an epic dessert table. 

I was not disappointed and as a bonus there was a festive bubbly bar where we got to personalize mimosas with juice options including watermelon, guava and passion orange, garnished with strawberries, oranges and watermelon balls. Delish! 

Guys I’m just gonna have to let the pictures take it from here. Can’t wait to see the wedding come together! 

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