Tropical Winter

Tropical Winters… to me, are all about the advanced presence of water. 

The ocean rises up from playful frothed lines to barrels to massive walls of of water, much to the awe and amusement of us island folk, drawing many to the shoreline. 

The rivers swell and flow and then darken with earth and push against the edges. They boast impressive and constant waterfalls, and it’s spray spreads across peaks of sunlight, creating rainbows.

This is a season of rainbows. Daily rainbows. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. The sky gets prettier somehow in the winter: Darker and deeper, but gentle. When it gets breezy, the clouds move swiftly across the islands, you can watch it sail away… how neat it must be to find an island in the middle of the ocean. 

And the whales. Breaching. Playing. Reminding us of the cycle of the year and how special this place is to creatures of all kinds.

This is also a time for Family to come home from across the globe to gather for the holidays, they step off the plane and immediately recognize the moist and warm air, a feeling they have both forgotten and could never fully forget. When visitors come it’s like you get to rediscover your surroundings. You venture more, see more, appreciate more. You never miss a sunset, that’s for sure. The sunsets, they become fantastic—empowered by thicker clouds, shorter days and deeper, longer nights.

At night we settle to the quiet patter of rain on ‘ulu leaves outside the window. In comes the gentle hum cool air, such a sweet respite from the hot Hawaiian sun. 

January is my favorite winter month. The bustling schedule wanes and most of the tourist who have come to sample our home return to theirs. Rainy beaches are left vacant, and are mine to explore except for a few wandering souls. 

Tropical winter. Tans fade. Diets Fail. And we find new ways to appreciate our home.

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