A Worthy Autumn Snack

I need to get this out before I eat them all. 

Have you had persimmons? Persimmons are a popular Japanese Autumn fruit, bright orange like a pumpkin, resembling a tomato in look, but a little more like an apple in texture and they grow on trees (are we confused yet?)

Persimmons have a taste all of their own. Subtly sweet, and addicting. And if we want to get fancy, you should know that they contain Zeaxanthin, a disease fighting compound that promotes eye health mostly. Also: Acetaldehyde, which aids hangovers. High in fiber, antioxidants, fights stress and acts as a detoxifier. 

Here on Maui, this fruit is a specialty offered by few local farms, mostly up in Kula, where you can find weather that nearly resembles a northern autumn (by a stretch).

My friend, Allison, is one such farmer, whose backyard boasts beautiful, bountiful persimmons. And not just any persimmons, these are of a Hana Fuyu variety, from trees that  are 40 years old and organically raised.

This year Allison is offering them dehydrated, in both ling hing mui and plain, and I’m not sure which I like more.. so I sample one after the other after the other after the other… My children, even the picky one, loves it as well. I bought two pounds, for “presents” meaning I’m going to eat the whole thing. 

But persimmons are seasonal and time is drawing to a close for this year.  So, Maui people: you have no reason not to get a batch.  This is a perfect treat to send to mainland loves (our your mainland self) or to just grind on your way home all by yourself. 

You can message Allision via Instagram.  

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