Laughing and Crafting 

If you haven’t noticed, some of my closest friends are some of the most creative people on the planet.  We share a passion for aesthetics: the small details and the big picture. 

This is something that brought us together as young girls 20 years ago writing notes back and forth in class as we learned and explored our place in this world. And again and again as women, and most importantly, as mothers.  A decade ago we all entered the time in life that would finally us pull apart, careers and then children called us away to tend to our families, which is undoubtedly the most important work a woman can do. We sought any reason to craft. Baby showers, weddings, bridal showers… we celebrated each other’s milestones and occasions. We sat over tools and supplies and chattered and laughed. A practice that females have engaged in for centuries if you think about it. What we were making didn’t matter, it was the act of being together and creating together that meant the most. Guiding each other through these times in tangible ways through our hands and the words spoken over crafts.  Eventually the weddings were mostly wedded and the babies didn’t come quite as often and although the love was still there, we are all just busy.

We do what we can when we can. The big picture and the details. 

As you may or may not recall last year was the First Annual Karen’s Christmas Crossing which was amazing.  I’ve been itching all year to have another crack at Christmas wreathing and this weekend was much anticipated and didn’t disappoint. 

On top of that, new Acacia came in at The Lucky Honey and me and my best friends decided to get festive with our rust magnolia mombasas. This was perhaps the most amazing detail of the day along with the protea, and a variety of firs which we foraged for last weekend and a ton of laughter and good food and happy kids and perfect weather and a day of Christmas playing on the Pandora. The ability to laugh and craft and observe the new phases and changes occurring for us at this very time has not lost us. This is important stuff.

Today was just what I needed and the result was simply beautiful in both a crafting way and the way in which friends come together. 

2 thoughts on “Laughing and Crafting 

  1. KelBels! Love this and love you! So happy we can reconnect during the holidays and now even more for the event of next year! Cheeeee hooooooo


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