2018 Hello Beautiful

2017 laid it on thick.

Maybe you feel like me, coated in it. Soaked. Layered. Saturated. With 2017.

Maybe that’s a good thing. Or maybe maybe you’re ready to move on.

Don’t get me wrong. There were some amazing moments and growth brought to us by this year, I’ll give her that. Personally, 2017 took me and my family on a theme park tour and a magical redwood forest. 2017 brought me to New York and Miami (actually The Lucky Honey took me to Miami, but anyways…) I think my biggest successes were with the people around me, forming new relationships and a newer sense of eagerness to tend to my sweet little garden of friends and loved ones.

2017 looked good on paper, and maybe even social media. But she also really put me through a ringer.

She destroyed some things, saved other things. She proved my ability to face the things I didn’t want to deal with. That I couldn’t run away or hide from the things I didn’t want to deal with. But there are big rewards from facing things. I could say 2017 nearly destroyed my marriage, but in another perspective, it totally saved it. My career, or what I thought was my career, obliterated. But isn’t that just a complicated way of saying: new beginnings. As a mother? Don’t get me started on my failures. Ask my children, though, they still like me. Somehow.

Regardless of those ups and downs, there’s more to come, fo’ sho’. But my 2017 rollercoaster?? Maybe you’re like me and you’re ready to release some of that. Exhausted by changes and challenges; I’m more than ready to shed the burden of all that spiritual weight, and break the complex little walls I’ve built up. Because they no longer serve me.

New Year, New Me, is actually, probably, definitely the most annoying holiday cliché that exists, but I’ve never felt it more strongly than I do at this moment in time. I need this cliché more than anything. I’ve never understood or resonated with that attitude, and I haven’t been a huge New Years celebrator, but I get it now.

It’s so incredibly freeing to imagine a new you. To give yourself permission to let things go, to be reborn. But, unfortunately, (or fortunately) I won’t be waking up a whole new person on January 1st, and neither will you. It’s never worked like that, it never will, and we all know that. Real freedom comes from concentrated efforts and many small, significant changes. So that’s not what it’s really about.

Instead, I’ve come to realize that the whole New Year, New Me factor is born as we shift our focus to this thing called Time. That we still have space for improvement, that we can leave things behind us and move forward into fresh space. We are celebrating new options, new horizons and the valuable thing known as possibility. There IS a new me, a new you, somewhere down the line of the next 12 months just waiting to become. And that is exhilarating.

So, I’m gonna celebrate the hell out of this New Year. I might even possibly stay up past 10 p.m.. I’m going to celebrate everything I’ve been blessed with, everything I’ve overcome, everything I’ve worked for and all the big possibilities and itty bitty positive changes I get to make in this new season of life.

Happiest New Year, New Me, to you.

xo, KiniMama

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