Nine of Swords

I don’t need this card to tell me what a shit show I’m playing part in, but that’s essentially the message here.

My body usually lets me know before I’ll even admit it to myself… insomnia, migraines, anxiety, shingles, it’s got a full tool box of surprises to stop me in my tracks of all the bullshit I’ve participated in and how I’m not doing much to improve things. It lets me know how unhealthy it all is. It brings me to my knees, or my bed, with nothing to do but think about where it all went wrong.

Oh the torment of the existence of this card.

But in a way, the Nine of Swords is a less dramatic delivery. The Nine of Swords is like catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror in a solemn moment: messy hair, furrowed brow, inner turmoil painting your appearance, and behind it, a vapid replay of thoughts in your mind. So dramatic.

But all this card simply asks you is:

What are you gonna do about it?

Is it time to take action?

Or time to wait it out?

No matter the answer or our ability to be real with ourselves about the challenges we face, struggle exists. This card doesn’t create struggle, our choices and circumstances do. This card is just acknowledging it.

Now get up, brush your hair, put on your best outfit and figure something out.

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