Life Lessons from a New York City Lyft

Did I ever tell you about the time I honked a horn in a NYC Lyft? The driver said that as soon as the traffic light turns green, you pop the car’s horn, like the very second the light turns green.

The horn is somewhat taboo where I live, in the land where you generously let people in your lane and you get a shaka in return. A horn is reserved for damage preventing, life saving, friendly hellos and the sometimes essential fuck you.

But in New York City, the horn means something different, I think. Like a “get out of my way,” or “you’re probably a *#%@ who doesn’t know what green means,” a sense of urgency, but it’s not as insulting somehow. Atleast thats what I gathered, this small town girl, during her day and a half in a city beyond her understanding.   I was a like a small child on a safari sitting in that taxi, watching in wonder as the lights of the concrete jungle bounced off the glass of the window. I mean, the horn certainly didn’t move things faster. Everyone is in everyone’s way. There’s no where to go but budge slowly towards your destination, honking along the way. Perhaps the horn means “this is so fucked up!” and all the cabbies honk in unison: “So fucked up!”   Because it is pretty fucked up how many people and how many cars can possibly fit on the tightly etched roads between giant towers. Fucked up and amazing.

If I did that where I live, there would be a Facebook Live video of someone confronting me in no time. I’d have a nickname “The Stoplight Lady” and everyone would know my license plate number, who I’m married to, where I work and who took me to prom. You can’t be anonymous here. But in a big city, you are nothing but anonymous, which is such an exciting thing to imagine.

Don’t we all have days we just wanna stand there, hollering in the wind about the things that frustrate us? About all the things that are standing in our way? Don’t we all sit in our cars and cuss beneath our breath one minute and then throw up a shaka the next?

Despite the noise pollution, I think its good to honk your horn every now and again, to say “HEY! This is so fucked up! Beat it! Get out of my way!” I mean, in a nice way. It’s healthy. It’s important. It’s a good practice in tenacity. Even if nothing moves, nothing changes, nothing budges, you have to speak up sometimes.

So, whats in your way? What would you say about it if there were no repercussions for speaking your mind? What would it sound like? How would it feel? Find that horn and toot it for me today.

PS: This here is me and my Lucky Honey friends in a Lyft. Beyond fun!

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