Top Ten Things I Love About The Lucky Honey Store Front

Everyone knows I’ve received a huge amount of support from The Lucky Honey and the feeling is totally mutual.

This weekend my friends Theresa and Sarah opened their storefront in Haiku and a girl simply could not be prouder of her friends than me (and probably all their friends). As they step into a new realm of retail, I tried to think of a way to honor this milestone on the blog.

But believe it or not, your girl was speechless.

How can you even pay proper homage to the culmination of months of hard work coming together at last?  Also I don’t know *$#% about interior design. So, whatever, I thought, I’ll let the store speak for itself.  Here’s my top 10 visual elements I’m loving on in this new store.

The Kiddie Corner

I mean really. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve suffered a toddler melt down mid-shopping. The Lucky Honey put together this amazing little spot for kids to sit, color, snack and play.  Today we tested it out and lasted two hours, so I can officially pronounce that this spot is MATHIS APPROVED.

There’s fucking plants on the wall!

Is it art? Is it environmental vibes? I don’t know but I know I like it. There’s a big plant presence in the aesthetic of the store, and these Staghorn Ferns really steal the show.

Cash Wrap Counter Samples


Umm hello cutest samples on the planet. Seriously crazy in love with Oshan Essentials and as the pickiest sun screen shopper I can affirm I picked up a tube of Salt + Stone after sampling how easy it goes on and how great it smells.

The Aloha Sign

Because this place is filled with it.

The Round Bulb Trifecta

It’s pretty!!  The lighting in this store is perfect. Bright, and cheerful.  These fixtures really capture the modern feel and add a nice light over the cash-wrap.

The Dressing Room Situation

We all know we aren’t just trying on clothes in there, we are having an experience, either coming to terms with our lack of diet and exercise or loving everything we try on–no in between. The Lucky Honey made some pretty pleasant rooms to fall in love with.

Sunglass Rack

My futures so bright I gotta wear shades!

Silhouette Situation

First of all I want everyone to know that I stabbed myself with a screw driver prepping these picture frames. But dammit it was worth it. These drawings really capture the feminine essence that I really dig.

The Hanging Chair

Similar to the kiddy corner we started this, this is where your man will sit preoccupying himself with surfing videos on his phone, or motocross, or whatever it is he’s into, while you take your time shopping and enjoying the experience.

Shopping Vibes

Never mind the person at the mall practically standing over your shoulder counting how many items you have, and then half-heartedly asking you how much you like yourself. Here, there’s that vibe of really enjoying the shopping experience. They want it to be as fun as you are, and for you to feel as pretty as you really are.

I had the best morning shopping with my niece!

And from what I’m told theres more decorating, atmosphere fun on the way. If you’re on maui you have to check this place out.  Let me know what your favorites are.

Congratulations to my dear friends on their vision coming to life!

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I Love About The Lucky Honey Store Front

  1. I loved it all! So glad I was able to visit on opening day 💜. I think my fav is the aloha sign and the hanging chair… even tho I was afraid my ass was gonna bring it down 😂😂. My daughter loved everything. We could’ve hung out all day lollll


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