Wheel of Fortune

How’s those resolutions going? You know, the ones you made weeks ago, and the year before than and the year before that. How about that thing you said last week that you’d stop doing this week. How about this morning, what did you tell yourself about today before the sleep even left your eyes.

I know what you’re thinking.

Ewww, KiniMama, %*#@ you.

But don’t shoot the messenger. Today’s tarot study is brought to us by The Wheel of Fortune, which is an ironic name that reminds us about all those icky patterns we can’t seem to pull ourselves away from. The cycle of relationships, the secret bad habits we rely on to ‘survive,’ the calling of our heart that we fail to follow again and again and again.

Most Wheel of Fortune cards images depict a compass-like symbol. Compasses involve every direction on this green, impossible earth, yet this immense measurement of possibility can be captured within a simple circle that you can hold within your hand.

Encompassed within us is the same control of direction. No matter how you twist it, we are primarily responsible for our experiences, perhaps not what happens to us, but in how we respond to life, day to day or the big picture.

So where does the Fortune in this come in? You don’t need to pay anyone to tell you how things play out. Spoiler Alert: Good things are gonna happen and so are bad things. You know this by now.

But within the cycle you’ve gone through repeatedly is the freedom to choose a different direction at any time. If our cycles can restart themselves then we can restart ourselves. You can fortell your own Fortune by taking charge of it.

The Wheel of Fortune card calls on us to remember that the universe unfolds and so do we.

Break the cycles and secure your own direction.

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