Beach Eats

There are not a whole ton of things I love more than the beach and eating. Well, maybe my children, umbrella drinks, humanity, whining… okay I love everything. However, beach and eating share a few things in common. They are both more of an experience than a thing. Food is the flavor, the palate, the joy of putting ingredients together to make something else, something… incredible. The beach, is the culmination waves, sun, clouds, sand, silence, friends and fun; another something… incredible.

But lets pull ourselves away from those joyous visions to admit that the food situation at the beach can be challenging. Like, you’ve already packed up the towels, the toys, the surfboards, the chairs, every imaginable bikini you may want to change into, and then there’s the cooler sure to be hungry kiddos. Can’t we just grab fried chicken on the way? Oh yes, friends, I love to bliss out over friend chicken with my bum down in the sand, but I have to say its not exactly bikini wearing eats. I’m going to be 36 in a minute and it feels good to incorporate healthy things into the mix.

So, I’ve gotten a little better at putting together a well packed cooler. I’m always trying new things, testing what the kids actually reach for and what makes for a easy transportation. Thats how I ended up with this sexy beast from Rubbermaid, (not an ad, because who would pay me to say that?). I spent hours shopping on line for party platters, stopped at target, Macy’s, everywhere, but it was right there in my local corner drug store, waiting for me. She’s nice and thick a nice thick with generous portion dividers, a sturdy cover and probably my most exciting part, a removable dip tupperware with its own lid.


Having invested in a reusable party platter has proven to be a healthy choice and worthy investment. Veggie platters, cheese platters, chips and dip, turkey sammichesand finally this fruit platter with honey yogurt dip that I share with you today.

Its just a party platter, stop blushing.

We recently had a birthday party at the beach: tons of kids and grownups, lots of surfing, lots of sun and lots of hungry little hands. ¬†This fruit platter was definitely queen of the prom amongst the spam musubi and pizzas (which are equally as yummy) it was just nice to have a little healthy option to dip into too–between dips in the ocean.

The dip was homemade, the perfect texture to pair with the fruit, no sliding off, and tasty with any kind of fruit or even by itself on the spoon.

You want the recipe? Okay.



The Fruit Situation:

Here I have used fresh blueberries, strawberries, sliced apples, pears & kiwi.

But the truth is you can use any fruit on the planet: papaya, starfruit, orange slices, guava, lychee… the brighter and more diverse in color the better, you know, for those social media pictures to ensure a variety of vitamins and nutrients.

Distribute as fancy as possible. This is important.

The Dip Situation:

  • 1 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup ricotta cheese
  • 2 tablespoons honey

Mix well dip well¬†while tasting for perfection. Keep cool until it’s time to serve.

So easy and simple and if there are left overs you can continue to enjoy this dish for a couple more days if properly stored.


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