5 Steps to Enter the KiniMama Month of Love Giveaway

Rule Number One, I said, this is not a Challenge, this is a Project.

Because every form of Love, including Self-Love, should not be a challenge, it should be a ¬†a process, and a project sounds a little less of a chore, doesn’t it?

I also said, if I’m gonna do a GIVEAWAY, I’m gonna make it big! These brands I love are totally in love with the idea of you setting a little time aside for yourself in this season of love–and they’ve helped me put together this amazing group of prizes as encouragement.

To make it simple, here are the 5 steps to get you set up to enter.

  1. Subscribe to my news letter, here, if you haven’t already.
  2. Follow me on instagram as well as:
    1. Acacia
    2. Pure Barre Maui
    3. Free to Be Me Jewelry
    4. Bitty Bambu
    5. Kula To Kuau
    6. Oshan Essentials
    7. Malie Day Spa
    8. CocoMoon Hawaii
  3. Review my glorious list of positive, self-loving actions.
  4. Do what calls to your heart, capture the moment and share on instagram, using #kinimamamonthoflove *Remember that if your profile is private, your entry will be private and we can’t see it.
  5. The winner will be selected, confirmed and announced on February 14th.


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