KiniMama Month of Love – All The Positive Action in One Place

Maybe you’re here for the giveaway. I would be. But maybe along the way you will benefit from the practice of doing things that feel hella good.

Using capture yourself doing one of the below prompts and share it on instagram using #kinimamamonthoflove. The brands you love have shared some suggestions too. Some are easy, some you may need to branch out a little, but they all serve as an act of self-care.

You can enter once a day doing something new, that’s 14 possibilities of small, positive ways to love yourself back (and enter the giveaway). Don’t forget to double the giveaway entry rules which you can find HERE.

Get to it!

Write a list of the things that make you feel good.  Be bold and broad and use this as a launching pad for your own creative action.

Wear your favorite shirt.
Buy yourself something sparkly.
Go out to dinner with a friend.
Share your favorite drink (Caffeinated or adult) and drink it!
What’s your favorite thing to do alone?
Share a picture from childhood.
Picture of you smiling.
Share a message to your followers.
A day of no social media (post about it the next day, of course!)
A place you want to visit.
Say something sweet about your best friend, or someone who inspires you.
Buy a houseplant (try not to kill it).

Sponsored by Acacia:

Post a picture you love/like of yourself in a bathing suit.
Talk about your favorite furry friend.
Visit your favorite waterside spot.

Sponsored by Pure Barre:

Try a new exercise class.
Spend 15 minutes stretching at the end of the day, share your experience.
Get out and active with an exercise partner.

Sponsored by Bitty Bambu:

Add some color to a room in your home.
Take a hike in your area.
Share your favorite feel good quote.

Sponsored by Free to Be Me Jewelry:

Create a dream board.
Plan an outing with friends and share a picture of your crew.
Share a family photo.

Sponsored by Coco Moon Hawaii:

Put yourself at the top of your list, and talk about what that means to you.
Take the little’s in your life somewhere fun.
Spend some time coloring or drawing. Share your creation.

Sponsored by Oshan Essentials:

Safely dispose of expired or unwanted cosmetics and beauty products in your home.
Pick up debris and litter on the beach or local park.
Watch the sunset from somewhere new.

Sponsored by Kula to Kuau:

Do something brave and brag about it.
Freshen up your hair style.
Take a day trip to a high elevation.

Sponsored by Malie Day Spa:

Find a new healthy meal recipe, prepare and share.
Pick out a new scented candle for your home.
Watch the sunrise.

What’s calling to you already and why? What is missing from this list? I can’t wait to see you all active and being all nice to yourself and stuff… and I’ll be playing along too, of course.  Don’t forget to use #kinimamamonthoflove on your public Instagram account to enter the giveaway!  

Entire Giveaway Rules.

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