KiniMama Month of Love Project & Giveaway


The month of love.

We move away from those resolutions we set a month ago and become distracted by romance, chocolates, fancy dinners and roses. At least that’s what the standard commercialized holiday system would have us believe.  I know in many ways we are blossoming beyond what commercials tell us to do, but can you blame anyone who loves chocolate and roses? Also, I soundly believe that all things “love” are worthy of our attention.

This February though, in the year 2018–the year we said we’d do things differently–let’s fall in love with ourselves again.  The entire month of February seems to center around this one day, expecting someone to love us back, but instead, lets make it center around ourselves for once.


KiniMama’s Month of Love
Project & Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite feel-good brands to kick off February with a little love and motivation via this thing called the internets… we want you to engage in conscious action of self-care and self-LOVE. I’ll be delivering you many many examples of self-service that you can choose from.  Do what calls to your heart, capture the moment and share them on Instagram using #kinimamamonthoflove

But, I know I had you at Giveaway, right? 

I know that we all need a little boost, and if it takes a little incentive (also known as a MEGA-AMAZING-GIVEAWAY of all the things you love) to get you started on doing cool things for yourself than so be it! I have four giveaway packages sponsored by these amazing companies we all love (and who love you right back).

I’ll be going in to detail about these as the weeks go by but its gonna look a little something like this:


So lets not waste a single moment. Here are the Entire Giveaway Rules and all the Positive Action we wanna see you taking

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