Oshan Essentials

Full Disclosure.

As a kid, I always thought of natural products as being only for ladies with long armpit hair and no bra. (I said full disclosure) Yes, Little ole adolescent me wanted only what the teen spirit commercials told me that I needed.

It was through my Aunty’s decade struggle with breast cancer and other cancers which would later take her life that I came to understand the value of what we put in and on our bodies. This is not to say I don’t poison myself with chardonnay and french fries on the regular, but I have definitely acquired an important pickiness about what products I use on my body.

I’m also super particular about the feel of products–I’m a goldilocks, so to speak, about shampoos, soaps and lotions.  Not to heavy, not too thin, juuuust right. In the meantime I’ve spent way too much money trying to find suitable products. But fortunately, along the way, I’ve found certain things that work for me.

Thats why Oshan Essentials is on my list.

When I first tried them in a The Lucky Honey pop-up ship bathroom, I looked at the oils and the loose nature of the face wash, and I thought, no freaking way.

It wasn’t in the form or consistency I was used to seeing and I would never look at it and think “that would totally work for me.”

But, you guys, it totally works for me.

I can’t rave enough about the face wash especially. It’s such a clean feeling, and fresher than I can describe, but also, your skin feels NOURISHED and moistened. I love that it was formulated to remove sunscreen residue from skin, because thats always a pet peeve of mine.

The Mano’i products are essentially a replacement for lotion and add moisture to skin and hair after sun or periods of dryness like those long fun days in the sun.  And its absolutely crazy how far a couple of drops in the palm of you hand can go. I packed these babies on our recent hotel stay and it was such a nice feeling after to give a little loving back to my skin and hair. Not to mention extremely nifty to pack.

And to be honest, I really wish these were around when little Kelly was learning how to take care of herself. Definitely KinMama and Self-Care Approved.

Oshan Essentials has contributed my favorite facewash and a Lā Mano’i, which smells amazing.

I am so excited to share the love!

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