Love You Love Acacia

It’s no secret that I am one of the many Acacia fanatics out there. A lot of this blog is based on the fact that an Acacia (of all things) brought me back to life after a long period of absolutely hating my body.

Of course, spoiler alert: the moral of the story was not that Acacia saved me, but that treating myself to something that made me feel good was the first step to this whole entire journey.



I absolutely could not picture this giveaway without an Acacia. And Naomi Newirth, owner and designer of Acacia was totally down to contribute a kinimama-approved suit and pareo to this cause (aka you being nice to yo’self).


The Hunter top/Murray bottom set was an obvious choice. I absolutely love side ties; fun & flirty and they low key make this suit super versatile for all the variety of shapes out there.  Kind of like a corset but comfy.

Here we have it in Cement, a soft grey-toned neutral that coordinates well with anything, including the Neon Magnolia pareo.

I have a ton of pareos, but this years pareo is extra special. It’s a new fabric this year, if you haven’t noticed, made to be a more sturdy fabric, though it’s softness would fool you into thinking otherwise. With each hand-wash it gets softer and softer and softer.

Love. It. Love. You. Love. Acacia.


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