Kula to Kuau

I first met Nina Rivers of Kula to Kuau (also known as Maui Organic Skin Care) at a baby shower. I loved the fervor with which she spoke about the important of self-care in the postpartum period. I listened in awe, because despite this being an obvious necessity, as a mother of two, it had never occurred to me before. I was always so focused on the care of my children I neglected that my body needed something too. She explained in detail the herbs used in her after-birth sitz bath and the role they play in nurturing the body of a woman who just brought a person to life. What started as her own project to nurture the mothers around her, turned into a small business of a variety of specialty products.

The things she shared with me that day really stuck with me, until now; the imperative self care of those caring for everyone else. And so of course this was a perfect for my giveaway.

Nina was so sweet to provide something anyone can use, a coconut milk salt bath with ala’ea hawaiian clay, coconut milk and pineapple exfoliate to strengthen you skin and increase circulation.

One lucky winner will receive two packs which will provide many many nurturing bath sessions.

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