Pure Barre Maui.

Whats it like to take your first barre class?

Similar to giving birth, I’d say. But before I lose you on that thought, let me explain.  After years of brisk walking I dove into it. For about 30 minutes I pled with myself, pondering why I was doing this. My body was moving in new ways, unlike any form of exercise I’d done before, using muscles I didn’t know I had. I swore with each tuck and lift that I would never do this again. I was sweating, which is apparently something that happens when you are actually working out. Believe me, I am a bare minimum girl, but those birth coaches barre instructors have something in their method that that keeps you going to your fullest ability.

And then, in those last 10 minutes of class, when they  dim the lights and bring it down, something else transforms, a sense of pure joy and exhilaration. I won’t go as far as to say you’ve given birth to a new you–but you definitely begin to see how strong your body actually is and what it is capable of achieving.

I was hooked for sure. I went again and again and felt myself improving and also found myself really desiring for that rush of class, the feel in my muscles and the release of toxins. Fabulous. And in the time I was able to do Barre regularly, I definitely felt and saw a difference.  My legs felt longer, my booty perkier and my posture was improved.

I really loved the positive environment at Pure Barre Maui, everyone is welcoming and supportive, and theres a very motivating vibe emanating. It’s a real sense of celebration of strong bodies and taking that time to care for yourself.

And just a side note: theres a clean and uplifting smell I never could figure out… which is so unlike the typical smell of gyms and studios. So if anyone knows what it is let me know because I want it in my home too.

As part of the KiniMama Month of Love Project & Giveaway, Pure Barre Maui has offered up to one winner and a friend everything they need to get started: two one-month memberships and two pairs of barre grippy socks.  Just enough time to get hooked and feel some really positive changes.

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