Free to Be Me

What can I say about Free to Be Me Jewelry?

Well for starters, I feel pretty honored to call the designer and owner a friend. Stanette has such a great vibe and an amazing sense of style. She is one of those people that is always pleasant to be around… or run into out and about (which always turns into a good catching up session).

Her jewelry line reflects this unique tone of presence and while this has no value written on paper (or the internets) I think it means everything to know where your specialty products come from and that there are positive intentions manifested in their creation.

I love the process of putting on jewelry. The adornment and care with which the stroke of the chain brushes your skin as it settles into place, the subtle centering of a pearl, the layering. The just right. The I’m ready now. Each morning when I reach for an item to wear, and its like that last finishing touch that sets the tone for my day.

Off to one lucky girl (or guy) is the Free to Be Me Kiki Necklace. Everyone’s favorite. Gold plate chain for that extra sparkle and a tahitian pearl with a story all its own.


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